During the company’s interviews there were 6 reoccurring traits that all the top leaders possessed.

Three pertain to attitude and the other three are practices. The good news is all of these traits can be

practiced by anyone wanting to achieve a higher level of success!


1. Spirited Simplicity

2. Resilient Optimism

3. Vigorous Coachability


1. Adaptive Communications

2. Dedicated Effort

3. Conscious Modeling

Let me go through each one quickly for you to understand what each one means.

Spirited Simplicity – Keeping it conscience. Sharing about your passion in a conscience way.

Resilient Optimism – How did you handle a situation? When corporate ran out of product did you panic

and tell your team the bad news or did you tell your team “Hey team, how cool is this everyone in the

country wants our product!”

Roll with the Punches and Make Lemonade out of Lemons!

Vigorous Coachability – Studies personal development consistently. Someone who is looking to grow

and improve.

Adaptive Communication- Being able to adapt a conversation depending on who you are talking to.

Being authentic, relatable, and resonate with different people on the spot.

Dedicated Efforts – Maximizing your efforts, focused energy and time to do what it takes to be

successful. Getting up early before your 9-5 and staying up late after the kids go to bed to work your


Conscious Modeling – Simply leading by example. Doing what you want your team to do.

Figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Tailor your business around your strengths and

work on improving your weaknesses.

I am going to go over my top 2 strengths (Vigorous Coachability & Dedicated Effort)

When I started this business I was scared to death. Just like you and everyone else who made the

decision to become they’re own boss. I knew nothing about running a business!

What I did know was I could do what I was told. Keep it simple and break it down into a baby step

process. If you had or still have fears about starting your own business, don’t worry! We all were scared

$h!& less when we made the decision. It is scary, but you have to control that fear and use that energy

to catapult your business in the beginning.

Listen to your sponsor or higher level leader. Do what they ask you to do. It may be out of your comfort

zone. Do that activity a little bit more and a little more, then it becomes second nature.

Thankfully someone believed in me before I believed in me. Not everyone has a close relationship with

their sponsor. I try to create a good close relationship with everyone who joins my team. If you do not

have a great sponsor, become the sponsor you would want for your team. Treat them the way you wish

you were treated.

Being coachable simply means following the steps and doing the work. No need to reinvent the wheel.

My second strength is dedicated effort. In this industry you can change your life around in a matter of a

few years, but those few years are laser focused. No leader is going to tell you “You know, one day I just

woke up and had a successful business and a free company car sitting in the driveway! I have no idea

where it came from.”

It takes a lot of work!

Reaching out to people, presentations, opportunity calls, following up all requires effort.

You are going to hear a whole lot of NO’s. Sometimes it just means not right now in my life and other

times it means no forever and that’s O.K.

It’s O.K.

This is where you really focus on personal development. You have to discipline those disappointments.

When those disappointments happen give yourself a few minutes. Then pick yourself back up and go

Above & Beyond! Turn those disappointments into something that will inspire and motivate you.

Don’t be that person who comes up with excuses as to why someone else would be successful.

Recognize & Accept – Give yourself some grace, love yourself and move forward. Say to yourself “ I’m so

happy for that person.”

It is exhausting & it takes work to build a successful dynasty!

Dedicated Effort is just doing it even when you don’t feel like doing it.

I want to leave you with one last thought.

I did not sign up with my company because I had the TIME, I did it because I WANTED the TIME!

I hope you found this helpful! If so be sure to spread the love and share with your team or someone

who might find this useful. I am also leaving a link to my Home Business Survival Guide as a free gift to


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